Water Damage

water damageStorm damage, flooding, plumbing failures, sewer back-up, or fire can result in water damage to your home or business. Shrock Restoration – Rainbow International of North Central Ohio professionals are highly trained and certified by The Clean Trust in water cleanup & water damage restoration. We use the latest methods, technology and equipment in water extraction in a process known as Rapid Structural Drying. Rapid structural drying will take your home or business from wet to dry in the shortest time possible. This 4 step process involves:

  • Extraction of water
  • Air flow
  • De-humidification
  • Temperature control

Our water damage repair services include:

  • 24/7 emergency services: (419) 994-0000
  • Damage assessment and estimate from trained professionals
  • Pack-Out: possessions are sorted based on what is salvageable and taken to our warehouse to clean and restore. Unsalvageable items are listed to be approved by your insurance provider.
  • High powered water extraction equipment used to remove the majority of water (from carpets and padding). We also use the latest technology in drying hardwood floors.
  • Restoration dehumidifiers, air movers, and temperature control equipment is used to remove any remaining moisture
  • Documented dryout: daily moisture readings of all affected areas
  • Sanitation, deodorization, and air purification
  • Water Damage Repair and Renovation if necessary
  • Assistance with the insurance claims and Reconstruction of the affected areas

To minimize further damage and prevent mold growth, it is critical to begin the restoration process immediately. When water damage strikes, allow the Shrock Restoration – Rainbow International of North Central Ohio experts to restore your home or business back to normal quickly.