Basics of Board Up Services

Basics of Board Up Services

It is easy to dwell on the damage of your home when disaster strikes. You still have the power to reduce further damage and losses with board up services. Don’t walk away and leave your home vulnerable; invest in board up services until a repair team or window installer can make it to your home.

What are Board Up Services?

Your windows are one of the most vulnerable entry points in your home. Whether you are talking about vandals or high winds, glass is easier to break than a solid wall.

Regardless of the reason your windows are damaged, you may not be able to replace them right away. In fact, if a natural disaster is the reason your windows are broken, local installers are probably buried with other replacement requests. when your appointment is delayed, you should pursue board up services for peace of mind.

Reasons to Use Board Up Services

Different situations may cause your windows to break, leaving your home exposed. Here are a few of the most common examples:

  • Storm damage: Windstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes pack a powerful punch. The pressure differential between the inside and outside is sometimes enough to shatter windows. Then there’s the possibility of debris being hurled at your windows while traveling hundreds of miles per hour, smashing the windows on impact.
  • Fire: Heat from a structural fire can cause a surprising amount of damage to your home, including shattering glass windows.
  • Property vacancy: Foreclosed and abandoned properties are often left with broken windows. Board up services play an important role in preserving the home from further damage or vandalism until someone new buys the property.
  • Preventative measure: It’s wise to plan ahead with board up services when a big storm is in the forecast. This preventative measure can protect your windows from breaking in the first place. Then after the storm passes, you simply have the boards removed to restore your home to its former beauty.

Money-Saving Benefits of Board Up Service

Is it really worth pursuing board up services? Once you realize the many money-saving benefits, you will discover the services often pay for themselves.

  • Prevent damage: Anticipating a storm and boarding up your windows in advance can save you the hassle and money of replacing broken windows. Even if your home has already sustained damage, cut your losses by boarding up the windows until they can be replaced.
  • Retain insurance coverage: After a natural disaster, your first instinct should be to call your insurance company. Boarding up your windows ensures the best coverage for your claim because the boards help prevent further water or wind damage. Don’t give your insurance company an excuse to deny your claim – pursue board up services following a fire or natural disaster.
  • Keep vandals out: Whether you occupy the damaged home or want to preserve a foreclosed property until it sells, board up services are a must. This simple measure deters vandalism and theft and prevents the liability issue that could arise if an intruder entered the building and sustained an injury.

What to Expect from Our Board Up Services?

Look no further and leave the task of boarding up your windows to the professionals. When our team comes to your home, expect us to bring durable materials and work together quickly and efficiently cover the damaged windows in your home.

To learn more about our board up services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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