Commercial Remodel


Commercial Remodeling Experts

Homes aren't the only structures that need renovation or remodeling. Our talented construction team can update your business space to suit your particular business. We use an efficient process to get your business up and running. With Shrock's pool of contractors and designers we can handle any project. Every dollar is important so, we will consult with you and set a firm price. You will know from day one that we won't nickel and dime you to fleece your company's bottom line. We believe that your success is our success, and customer satisfaction is paramount. 

Streamlined Process

Shrock Restoration is a strong believer in efficiency. A project cannot be finished quickly without a streamlined process; so, from the initial call to project completion we have a procedure. We maintain our Meet - Evaluate - Devise Plan - Talk with Client - Adjust - Execute model. It helps us meet deadlines and budgets. You will appreciate this approach, because time is money and the sooner we can get your doors open the faster you can turn a profit. 


As part of the Shrock family of businesses, Shrock Restoration can provide our clients with a range of services no other company can duplicate. 

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Shrock Premier Custom Construction

With our client’s vision as the foundation for any project, Shrock Premier Custom Construction has the talent, management skills, and vision to complete your commercial project on time and within budget.  Our experienced team of experts has mastered every aspect of commercial building from excavation, concrete and masonry work, mechanical, framing, to the use of the latest building materials, detailed interior finishes, and also pre-engineered structures.  Supporting our field teams is our experienced management team, handling accounting, records, permits, and all the paperwork required to keep your project on track.


Shrock Prefab

Our in house engineering team creates spectacular designs for your business or property. We then fabricate at our facility and ship direct to you. This allows for fast, construction for our work crews. Each design goes through a rigorous quality control process, which ensures your building is both durable and beautiful. Shrock Prefab offers a number of services on top of the design and fabrication of your structure. Utilizing a Design and Building Information Modeling system, we guaranty delivery of your walls to engineered specifications. This also allows us to coordinate with other trades that will integrate with the construction process and give you a complete building.

We Glady Service the Following Counties In Ohio

Knox County, Ohio

Ashland County, Ohio

Holmes County, Ohio

Richland County, Ohio

Tuscarawus County, Ohio

Coshocton County, Ohio

Wayne County, Ohio