Odor Removal Services

Smoke, mold, and pet odors can affect every part of a home or building. Because of the materials used in homes & office builds, the odor is usually absorbed into the materials themselves too.

The reality is that no single technique or product will remove odor from a building or item. Here at Shrock Restoration, our trained technicians use many different techniques to deodorize your building and contents, based on your unique situation. We have very advanced equipment to eliminate even the toughest and deepest odors once and for all. Simply put, if we use our recommended odor removal process, we WILL eliminate 100% of odors! Why settle for less? Call us today for your consultation, we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Removing soot through air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums

  • Thermal-Fogging the structure

  • Our Process Guarantees 100% Oder Removal

  • Cleaning surfaces with specialized solutions

  • Encapsulation of smoke damaged surfaces

  • Content odor removal with the industry‚Äôs leading ozone chamber and highly skilled cleaning technicians

We Glady Service the Following Counties In Ohio

Knox County, Ohio

Ashland County, Ohio

Holmes County, Ohio

Richland County, Ohio

Tuscarawus County, Ohio

Coshocton County, Ohio

Wayne County, Ohio