The Value of Hiring Experts After a Fire

The Value of Hiring Experts After a Fire

A fire can be overwhelming circumstance for the people whose lives it affects. Most of the time, this is new territory – and its easy to despair when faced with all the decisions that will need to be made afterward. This is where a restoration company becomes a very valuable commodity. Here are a few ways that a restoration company such as Shrock Restoration will be able to help you if you are faced with the reality of a fire.

    No one knows when an emergency will strike – which is why a 24-hour/365 day service is a necessity. When you call, the experienced staff can immediately start to put your mind at ease. They will educate you on the process and guide you to the next step. They will continue with you throughout the entire process. Emergency board up and tarp over services will minimize further damage to the property.
    A worthy restoration company knows how to deal with insurance companies. They know the nuances and the requirements and are familiar with the terminology. They can deal directly with your insurance company and take care of supplying the details that will be required in order to process your claim. This service alone can take a huge weight off of your shoulders.
    So, how bad is the damage, and what do we need to do to remedy it? These are the 2 questions that an assessment will answer. A specialist will travel to your property and do a thorough inspection to determine the course of action necessary. This will include an estimation of the cost and the projected amount of time needed to complete the restoration. They will also communicate these findings to your insurance company. This will serve as the basis for constructing a plan for the main goal—getting you back into for your property.
    Smoke and soot is dangerous and can cause irreparable damage if not taken care of immediately. It is very difficult to remove all of this on your own. A team of skilled cleaning technicians knows how to accomplish this task. Contents will inventoried and removed for cleaning, and stored off-site to avoid re-contamination. Soot and smoke will be removed and spaces will be deodorized. Shrock Restoration is equipped with air purification certified by the Clean Trust and utilizes the industry’s leading ozone chamber.
    After the contents are removed, demolition will take place any parts of the structure that damage has made necessary. Then the process of repair & reconstruction will begin. You will want a company that
    has a reputation for excellence to be in charge of this process, and not someone who will cut corners. There is the potential for your property to not only be restored, but to turn out better than you could have imagined after such a tragedy. Shrock Restoration has an unmatched and experienced team of builders. Our goal is giving you peace of mind and getting you back home as quickly as possible. Your project manager will be available to you whenever you need them to answer your questions and give you peace of mind. We are passionate and driven to meet deadlines and making sure your home is better than before the fire. Once construction begins our team typically completes a project within 3-4 months; which is far below the national average often as long as a full year! Hiring an expert will give you peace of mind and will help you to get your life back sooner after a fire.

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