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Water Damage Restoration

Once water enters your home or business the clock starts ticking. Never mind the damage done from water pouring in, microbial growth, mold, parasites can all spread rapidly if not dealt with swiftly. Our expert Emergency Response Team goes to work immediately mitigating the damage by removing the water cleaning up and completely drying the area. 

Shrock Restoration has over 30 years of real world experience with water damage. Whether a small or large area has been effected, we can help you get it fixed quickly and efficiently. We offer an industry leading response time of only 2 HOURS for water damage! We are here at all hours, every day of the year to help you recover – 24/7, 365 days a year.

For emergency service, call 419-994-0000 NOW.

As certified water damage restoration experts, we use the most advanced tools and equipment in the industry. We use practices that we’ve developed with 30-plus years in the business. We put the highest value on open communication and customer service.


Water Restoration

Once alerted to the danger, the Emergency Response Team jumps into action. They arrive usually with 2 hours to your home or business. After assessing the situation. Our experts will deploy moisture sensing equipment, so as water is removed they will be able to tell where and how water is getting in even if the source is hidden. Team members will continue to monitor until moisture is down to an acceptable level for the construction crew to get to work or so no further damage will occur. 

Lastly, your Project Manager will discuss with you the proposed job and will begin work. Giving you regular updates and will minimize issues with the insurance company.

Rapid Structural Drying

It was once common for restoration companies to simply let walls, carpets and padding, furniture and other structural components to dry on their own. This unfortunately led to more damage and mold growth. Rapid Structural Drying prevents this from happening with high tech equipment specially designed for water and moisture removal. 

Water Extraction

We have state of the art equipment that eliminates the water and moisture gathered inside your home or structure. 


Fans and blowers are brought in to remove any excess moisture and water. This drastically speeds up the drying process. 


Moisture gets stirred up in the air then resettles later. Dehumdifying reduces this airborne moisture and keeps further damage from occurring.


Maintaining a constant temperature that  is essential for drying to take place. We keep the right temperature ensuring rapid drying. 


Water Restoration Process

The first step is getting the water out of your structure, next, we use state of the art equipment that gauges how much moisture remains. This will prevent further damage to the underlying structure and stop mold in its tracks.

Once the moisture is down to normal levels, our expert team begins reconstruction. Our staff at the direction of your Project Manager will liaise with your insurance company and ensure you get the best settlement and outcome. 

Our construction crews are standing by to get you back in your home or office and rapidly and efficiently as possible. We leave nothing to chance, during the rebuild we will shore up the structure with water resistant materials preventing new water damage from occurring in the first place.

Our Water Damage Services Include

  • 24/7 emergency services (419) 994-0000

  • Damage assessment and estimate from trained professionals

  • Pack-Out: possessions are sorted based on what is salvageable and taken to our warehouse to clean and restore. Unsalvageable items are listed to be approved by your insurance provider.

  • High powered water extraction equipment used to remove the majority of water (from carpets and padding). We also use the latest technology in drying hardwood floors.

  • Assistance with the insurance claims and Reconstruction of the affected areas

  • Restoration dehumidifiers, air movers, and temperature control equipment is used to remove any remaining moisture

  • Documented dryout: daily moisture readings of all affected areas

  • Sanitation, deodorization, and air purification

  • Water Damage Repair and Renovation if necessary

  • Industrial grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers, and temperature equipment used to efficiently remove water resulting from fire extinguishing effort

  • Industry Leading 2 Hour Response Time

We Are Here to Help

We get homes back to the condition they were in before the water event, with minimal loss of property, and we get businesses back in full operation in as little time as possible. “Happily. Even after.”

We Glady Service the Following Counties In Ohio

Knox County, Ohio

Ashland County, Ohio

Holmes County, Ohio

Richland County, Ohio

Tuscarawus County, Ohio

Coshocton County, Ohio

Wayne County, Ohio